• Parents / Guardian are required to co-operate with the school authorities.
  • Parents Should send their wards regularly to school and not encourage them to stay at home or attend function which may come in the way of their studies.
  • By keeping in touch with the reports, will keep them informed to their progress in studies and their behaviour in school.
  • By attending the Parents Teacher meeting to discuss means about the further progress in their children’s studies.
  • By Instuting on cleanliness and neatness in their personal habits uniform, textbooks, exercise book etc.
  • All Communication are to be addressed to the Principal.
  • Parents are required to to go through their child’s school diary every day and see that the lesson and the home work assigned for the next day is done regularly.
  • Parents are expected to participate in school functions.
  • Remarks made in the school diary should be acknowledge and countersigned by the parents.